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Reactions & Reviews

"A unique and deeply thoughtful contribution to the canon on grief, loss and love."
-- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"For people who have lost a spouse, Klaus' letters can provide solace and affirmation."
-- Des Moines Register

"An affecting portrait of his grief . . . Klaus’ letters are heartrending as he remembers his wife’s talents, passions, and pragmatism."
-- Cedar Rapids Gazette

“Frequently heartbreaking, always insightful, ultimately transcendent—Carl Klaus’s chronicle of his first year of grief reminds us that even after the longest winter, spring does eventually arrive. This book is destined to become a classic in the bereavement field.”
—Hope Edelman, author, Motherless Daughters

Letters to Kate is truly a gift. The author, Carl Klaus, invites us to share in his intimate correspondence with his late wife, Kate, as he journeys in grief. The book offers a powerful portrait of the process of grief—the ups and downs, the contradictory and confused melange of thoughts and emotions. It offers validation and hope to all those who grieve and a sense of understanding to others who wish to befriend and support the journeyer.”
—Kenneth J. Doka, professor, the College of New Rochelle, and senior consultant, the Hospice Foundation of America

Letters to Kate is a moving, beautifully written, carefully crafted memoir of a widower dealing with his wife’s sudden death on a quiet November afternoon. It is a comforting experience for writer and reader alike, and an important contribution to the genre of loss narratives.”
—Bertram J. Cohler, University of Chicago