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A Self Made of Words
Reactions & Reviews

"Carl Klaus is to persona what Strunk and White are to style. A Self Made of Words offers clear, friendly instructions on how writers can create their persona of choice—a lifeline to getting a life on paper."—Lynn Z. Bloom, author, The Seven Deadly Virtues and Other Lively Essays

"Carl Klaus is one of the great pioneers in the study of literary nonfiction. He is also a brilliant teacher who has guided countless students—many of them now well-known authors—through the joys and challenges of crafting beautiful, effective prose. Here he draws on his substantial experience to take on one of the genre's defining, yet most elusive features: the creation of a distinctive literary persona. This book is a godsend for all writers and teachers of nonfiction—and their students!"—John T. Price, author, Man Killed by Pheasant and Other Kinships

"Teachers of creative nonfiction have been waiting for a book just like this: an elegantly articulated, easily accessible text that reveals the clear distinctions between style, voice, and persona. The brief, relevant exercises at the end of each chapter will educate and inspire student writers. Thank you, Carl Klaus. Thank you!"—Hope Edelman, author, The Possibility of Everything